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Back To School.

June 3, 2013

Hi loves! It’s June again and we all know that here in the Philippines, students will go back to school. Well, I love school! I love meeting new friends, new teachers and learning new things. But the saddest part is.. there are times that we have to wake up early in the morning which sucks but… it is all worth it because there are so many things in store for us in school. I hope you’re feeling the same way I feel about school. hahaha.

I went to school today coz its my enrollment and even though i’ve been in my school for weeks now, this was the only day that I felt the excitement of going back to school!


And here’s what I wore to school today!


I know, its so hot here in Manila and why am i even wearing a sweater? Well, a blogger has to wear what a blogger thinks is blog worthy. Hahaha.


I tried this look which the top is not tucked in which i usually do. And good thing. it worked. There’s nothing wrong with trying new things. What I always say, be creative, be adventurous.

941743_3135304237818_6823093_n 936175_3135306037863_1488567677_n 935641_3135303517800_1795580630_n

I used my double-layered necklace to match my sandals which I always use.

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I didn’t used a colored bag coz I want the bag to stay with the lightness of the whole outfit.

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So, there you have it! My Back to school/Enrollment outfit. And I’m also excited to re-open the segment here in my blog which is WASH DAY! Will post new set of outfit shots which I wear in school every Wash day. I can’t wait to show you the blog worthy outfits I’ll be wearing! Please, watch out for that.


For my dear readers who are students, I wish you a great and productive school year! Always check your things before you go to school. Check your school uniform and your i.d, always bring extras like extra ballpen and extra papers, Don’t forget to bring your basic necessities/toiletrees, and always wear your smile. Don’t let bad vibes ruin your day 🙂


Knitted Sweater/Top and Black Skater Skirt: Forever21, Gold Sandals: Topshop

Oh yeah, I’m in need of a photographer who is willing to take my outfit shots wherever I am. hahaha. Especially on Saturdays. So, if you are an amateur or a professional photgrapher is willing to offer free services, please do contact me! Who knows, I might give you a gift or i might treat you. haha 🙂 But, if you are really into it, please tell me. Let’s have a talk 🙂 thanks.

Share love and Happiness. Inspire or Be inspired, E.♥









Forever 21

May 15, 2013

This is not a “Promoting a brand” post. I just ran out of blog post title and thought of this because.. Well, I’m wearing Forever21 from my top, to my skirt and shoes.


Honestly, i love Forever21 and their very stylish pieces. And the best part is… the price is very affordable. 🙂


So about my outfit, Skater Skirts are “in” this season, so i tried it also and bought this one. This piece can go with anything!


And because I want to keep this outfit simple yet sweet and girly, I paired the skirt with a peter-pan collared long sleeves top. I just love the lace detail on the collar and the black ribbon in the middle. It matches with my skirt.


I want to stay with black and white that is why I wore my black and white oxfords that also matched with my top and skirt.


I was wearing a long sleeves top that is why i just wore a watch and an over-sized ring to keep it simple and classy. I also tied my hair in a braid so that my hair will not cover the details on my top.





I have to say, I was surprised that I was able to take outfit shots inside a mall with so many people! Haha. Well, that’s blogger duties.


I can’t wait to wear my skater skirt again! I have so many mix and match outfits inside my head already and I can’t wait to show them to you! You can’t go wrong with this piece.


Hype my look on Lookbook, HERE! 🙂

Top, Skirt and Shoes: Forever21, Watch: Casio

Top, Skirt and Shoes: Forever21, Watch: Casio

So, there you have it. My Forever21 day? haha. What do you guys think? 🙂

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Share love and Happiness. Keep Inspiring, E.♥

Denim + Florals

May 9, 2013

I have to say this, Please forgive me. The skirt I’m wearing is already over-used and I know it. I just love this skirt that there are so many things I like to do with it! ♥


So I decided to use different colors in this outfit. Well, not so many colors. I just used solid colors, not light and bright. Just the basic colors that will surely stand out.


I tried to combine Denim and Florals in one whole outfit and tried if it will look nice. Good thing that the pieces looked good together. And for more color, I decided to use my violet bag which is my favorite! hahaha. I’ve been using this bag for so many times. Its also one of my over-used pieces.


I accessorized myself by wearing a necklace. Just to balance it with my skirt.


I noticed that doing the knot on the shirts, polos, and tops is “in” this season so I tried it also with my denim top instead of tucking it in my skirt.


Necklace: Forever21, Gold Sandals: Topshop

And because I went to school that day, I have to wear my trusty gold sandals! I swear, this thing is a lifesaver!! Another, over-used piece over there. I should’ve used “Over-used pieces” as the blog title of this post. Hahaha 🙂

Hype my look on lookbook, HERE! 🙂

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There you have it, my version of denim + florals. What do you guys think?

Share love and Happiness, E.♥

Fashion Inspired

April 24, 2013

I am proud to announce to all of you my new blog name/title…. FASHION INSPIRED! Yes, I changed my blog name from Agape to Fashion Inspired because I think that it is more appropriate and it describes more how Fashion Inspired me. I’.ve been thinking of blog titles for days now and good thing I came up with this title that I immediately fell in love with.


Why Fashion Inspired? Well, there was a phase in my life that I really got addicted in reading fashion magazines, reading fashion blogs, watching tv series and movies that showcases fashion and even play dress-up. That was the time that I realized that Fashion is my passion and I know that it will be great to share this passion and love I have for fashion. Fashion Inspired me to have the guts to pose and post some of the outfits I wear whenever I go out.



Whenever I look at my closet and look for clothes that I will wear, I never forget to be creative and adventurous in choosing the right pieces. It may be risky but I have to try something new, different and something that will steal the scene. I always use inspirations in choosing the right pieces but I just use them as a guide and I never copy a whole outfit. I always add or create “ME” in the outfit that will be known that it is my style and not other people’s style.



Okay, so about this outfit. This is what I wore to graduation recital of a great family friend of ours. And because we have to wear something semi-formal, I came up with this outfit that is not too formal but still appropriate in the theme.


I just paired my maxi skirt with two slits in front with a plain white shirt. Added some gold accessories to keep it classy.


Gold Slim Belt: Tops and Totes, Maxi Skirt: Forever21, Gold Sandals: Topshop

So, there you have it. The first ever blog post under Fashion Inspired. Keep in touch for more inspirations!


Inspired by Fashion that is why I want to inspire others thorugh this blog, Fashion Inspired.

Share love and Happiness and keep on Inspiring, E.♥


Lace and Sneaks.

April 5, 2013

Here is just a simple outfit that I wore to a very hot but meaningful day. Something comfortable but appropriate to wear.


My mom is too excited, I wasn’t ready yet. Anyway, When I saw this dress, I wasn’t really sure if I should buy or not. But there was a feeling in me that this dress would be very useful. And the feeling was right! I wore this dress for so many times and this is the only time that I have outfit shots. 😦


I already wore this dress with heels and belts and other necklaces. So many things that I can do with this dress and I’m just too happy that I was able to purchase it. And take note of this, It was on SALE when I got this. YEY! 🙂


I’m actually not a fan of lace but this piece made me change my mind. I just love how it fits me and the details of the lace itself. And because of that, I’m in the stage of looking for clothes that are made with lace.


You can never go wrong with a LWD or also known as a Little White Dress. I mean, it goes with anything. You can wear it with heels, sandals, ballerina flats and even what I did, Sneakers! Just like what I always say, BE CREATIVE. BE FUN. ADD YOU IN THE OUTFIT.

IMG_3024Just like what i did in this outfit, I just added a little bit but stand out accessories to keep me comfortable but still stylish. I wore my favorite fringe blue necklace that matches with my blue sneaks.


I have to repeat this, It was really hot that day that is why I also wore my sunnies! 🙂


To keep it classy and if you don’t want to be too loud, Don’t add too much print or color in your outfit. Much better if you stay with at least two to three colors in that way, the outfit is not too heavy and loud.


Okay, that was another excited much photo of mom. haha. love you, mom! 🙂


I’m not the kind of girl who loves to wear rubber shoes or sneakers, I just want to be creative and comfortable that is why I keep on wearing this Sneaks. Haha. Just saying 😉

Hype my look on lookbook, HERE! 🙂

White Lace Dress: Cotton On, Sneakers: VANS, Watch: Casio, Accessories: Bazaar

White Lace Dress: Cotton On, Sneakers: VANS, Watch: Casio, Accessories: Bazaar

So, there you have it. Lace and Sneaks. Not bad, right?

Share love and Happiness, E.♥

Trying hard to be a Hippie.

April 3, 2013

So I mentioned in my previous post that I did a mini shoot with a friend of mine. I’m gonna show you in this post the second theme that she asked me to wear.


I’m not really sure if this outfit is something Hippie. What I know is, hippie must show peace signs, those thin headbands on the forehead and guitars. But I sad to say, I don’t have clothes like that and had no time to shop that is why I came up with this. The “Trying hard to be a hippie” look.


And because I don’t have the hippie clothes, I tried to use my belt as the headband and I just loved how its fringe went well with the fringe of my DIY top.

IMG_2815IMG_2805Just a little tip: If you don’t have specific clothes that goes with the theme of a party or event that you will attend, try to look for clothes that is close to the theme. Think outside of the box. Imagine things and you will create an outfit that will suit the theme. Or just like me, I did some DIY and looked for pieces that can go well with the whole fringe thing.


And because my belt/headband is not cooperating with me, I removed it and just used it as an accessory or props for the shoot. hahaha



I used my gold sandals to match my head wear.


I used simple and light accessories that matched with my printed pants.


Hype my look on lookbook, HERE! 🙂

Top: DIY, Printed Pants: Oxygen, Gold Sandals: Topshop, Watch: Casio, Bracelets: Bazaar

Top: DIY, Printed Pants: Oxygen, Gold Sandals: Topshop, Watch: Casio, Bracelets: Bazaar

I tried so hard to come up with this hippie outfit and i know, i have to try harder next time. Hahaha.

Again, all photos are taken by Louise Ocampo. Thank You, Louise! 🙂

Share love and Happiness, E.♥

Go for Blue this Summer.

April 1, 2013

And I’m back! Sorry my dear readers for not posting these past few days and even weeks. I’ve been very busy in school because I have to meet deadlines and I have a lot of paperworks. But…. it’s officially summer and that means, more time for blogging! 🙂

Okay, So I did a little shoot with a good friend of mine who asked me to be part of her project in school. It is a magazine and she needs fashion bloggers and models. She chose me to be one of the bloggers that will be featured in the magazine and I doubted first that I deserve to be there but I realized that it will be nice to help my friend and a great experience.

So, here are the photos.

***All photos are taken by Louise Ocampo.


There are two themes that I have to follow. The first one is summer outfit and the other one is Hippie outfit. I will show you in another post the hippie shoot. Let this post be for the summer theme.


In this outfit, I chose to wear and stay with the color blue. I always associate blue and bright colors with summer. Maybe because when it’s summer, I always think of the beach.



Just wore simple accessories so that I will not be irritated.


Hype this look on lookbook, HERE!


Top and Skirt: Forever21, Shoes: Vans, Necklace: Bazaar, Watch: Casio

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Louise for choosing me to be part of her project! It was really a great experience. Thank you. 🙂 Oh, visit her blog HERE! and follow her on twitter @thisismelouise She is really a great photographer! 🙂

Share love and Happiness, E. ♥