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Trying hard to be a Hippie.

April 3, 2013

So I mentioned in my previous post that I did a mini shoot with a friend of mine. I’m gonna show you in this post the second theme that she asked me to wear.


I’m not really sure if this outfit is something Hippie. What I know is, hippie must show peace signs, those thin headbands on the forehead and guitars. But I sad to say, I don’t have clothes like that and had no time to shop that is why I came up with this. The “Trying hard to be a hippie” look.


And because I don’t have the hippie clothes, I tried to use my belt as the headband and I just loved how its fringe went well with the fringe of my DIY top.

IMG_2815IMG_2805Just a little tip: If you don’t have specific clothes that goes with the theme of a party or event that you will attend, try to look for clothes that is close to the theme. Think outside of the box. Imagine things and you will create an outfit that will suit the theme. Or just like me, I did some DIY and looked for pieces that can go well with the whole fringe thing.


And because my belt/headband is not cooperating with me, I removed it and just used it as an accessory or props for the shoot. hahaha



I used my gold sandals to match my head wear.


I used simple and light accessories that matched with my printed pants.


Hype my look on lookbook, HERE! 🙂

Top: DIY, Printed Pants: Oxygen, Gold Sandals: Topshop, Watch: Casio, Bracelets: Bazaar

Top: DIY, Printed Pants: Oxygen, Gold Sandals: Topshop, Watch: Casio, Bracelets: Bazaar

I tried so hard to come up with this hippie outfit and i know, i have to try harder next time. Hahaha.

Again, all photos are taken by Louise Ocampo. Thank You, Louise! 🙂

Share love and Happiness, E.♥

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