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Fashion Inspired

April 24, 2013

I am proud to announce to all of you my new blog name/title…. FASHION INSPIRED! Yes, I changed my blog name from Agape to Fashion Inspired because I think that it is more appropriate and it describes more how Fashion Inspired me. I’.ve been thinking of blog titles for days now and good thing I came up with this title that I immediately fell in love with.


Why Fashion Inspired? Well, there was a phase in my life that I really got addicted in reading fashion magazines, reading fashion blogs, watching tv series and movies that showcases fashion and even play dress-up. That was the time that I realized that Fashion is my passion and I know that it will be great to share this passion and love I have for fashion. Fashion Inspired me to have the guts to pose and post some of the outfits I wear whenever I go out.



Whenever I look at my closet and look for clothes that I will wear, I never forget to be creative and adventurous in choosing the right pieces. It may be risky but I have to try something new, different and something that will steal the scene. I always use inspirations in choosing the right pieces but I just use them as a guide and I never copy a whole outfit. I always add or create “ME” in the outfit that will be known that it is my style and not other people’s style.



Okay, so about this outfit. This is what I wore to graduation recital of a great family friend of ours. And because we have to wear something semi-formal, I came up with this outfit that is not too formal but still appropriate in the theme.


I just paired my maxi skirt with two slits in front with a plain white shirt. Added some gold accessories to keep it classy.


Gold Slim Belt: Tops and Totes, Maxi Skirt: Forever21, Gold Sandals: Topshop

So, there you have it. The first ever blog post under Fashion Inspired. Keep in touch for more inspirations!


Inspired by Fashion that is why I want to inspire others thorugh this blog, Fashion Inspired.

Share love and Happiness and keep on Inspiring, E.♥


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