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Denim + Florals

May 9, 2013

I have to say this, Please forgive me. The skirt I’m wearing is already over-used and I know it. I just love this skirt that there are so many things I like to do with it! ā™„


So I decided to use different colors in this outfit. Well, not so many colors. I just used solid colors, not light and bright. Just the basic colors that will surely stand out.


I tried to combine Denim and Florals in one whole outfit and tried if it will look nice. Good thing that the pieces looked good together. And for more color, I decided to use my violet bag which is my favorite! hahaha. I’ve been using this bag for so many times. Its also one of my over-used pieces.


I accessorized myself by wearing a necklace. Just to balance it with my skirt.


I noticed that doing the knot on the shirts, polos, and tops is “in” this season so I tried it also with my denim top instead of tucking it in my skirt.


Necklace: Forever21, Gold Sandals: Topshop

And because I went to school that day, I have to wear my trusty gold sandals! I swear, this thing is a lifesaver!! Another, over-used piece over there. I should’ve used “Over-used pieces” as the blog title of this post. Hahaha šŸ™‚

Hype my look on lookbook, HERE! šŸ™‚

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There you have it, my version of denim + florals. What do you guys think?

Share love and Happiness, E.ā™„

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